Ohio Wesleyan’s Class of 2021 经济管理人员 visits the New York Stock Exchange during an OWU 连接ion experience earlier this month. (Photo courtesy of 梅根·埃利斯05)


Ohio Wesleyan’s 经济管理人员 Explore New York


的名字: 索菲亚·阿米尔·艾哈迈德21岁
专业: 金融经济学

名称: 卢卡斯·库珀的21
专业: 管理经济学 而且 健康和人体动力学 -运动和运动管理

经验: 经济管理人员 (EMF) trip to New York

每年秋天,俄亥俄州卫斯理大学 Woltemade Center for Economics, Business 而且 Entrepreneurship 命名的新类 经济管理人员, selected for their high potential for success at OWU 而且 their interest in business-related studies.

每年春天, the new fellows receive a fully paid, faculty-escorted study trip to New York City including visits to the New York Federal Reserve 而且 New York Stock Exchange, as well as meetings with distinguished Ohio Wesleyan alumni* 而且 professionals in business 而且 government.



艾哈迈德: “My favorite moment of the EMF New York experience was being able to connect 而且 mingle with the alumni from Ohio Wesleyan who are currently working in New York. It was so great to see how they bloomed from their time at OWU 而且 took what they learned 而且 applied it to the real world. Seeing them achieve their goals really inspired me to work harder toward mine 而且 enrich through my OWU experience.”

库珀: “My favorite moment of the New York Trip with the EMF Program was the alumni reception at Papillion Bistro. I enjoyed talking to them about their individual careers after OWU 而且 telling them what OWU 而且 Delaware are like nowadays.


艾哈迈德: “I learned the importance of the valuable relationships 而且 social connections around me, especially those provided at Ohio Wesleyan 而且 through this trip. It’s great to be able to reach out to others when help is needed, to know who to reach out to. 另外, the exposure provided to us within the world of economics 而且 finance helped me in deciding how 而且 where to focus my interests in terms of what I’d like to do in my future. Such an experience is key as it provides us with a platform of making effective decisions regarding our future.”


库珀: “This trip really began to make me think about what my future is going to look like 而且 what steps I need to take in order to help reach my goals. I also was able to get a better picture of what working in New York would be like, it is something I am now very much considering. I also received fantastic advice from alumni on gaining experience through internship positions.”


艾哈迈德: “The reason I chose to attend 俄亥俄卫斯理大学 was the unique nature of the EMF program 而且 because I knew it was a place that focused on allowing students to reach their full academic 而且 social potential. Ohio Wesleyan has shown me how to step out of my comfort zone 而且 push my limits.”

 库珀: “I chose to attend Ohio Wesleyan after my football recruiting process drew me to campus, where I felt at home right away 而且 getting admitted to the EMF Program sealed the deal from there.”


艾哈迈德: “To find a job within the United States 而且 further my education. 在夏天, I am taking online summer school courses 而且 then focusing on my home-based bakery in Pakistan. 另外, I am interning at a bank later in July.”

库珀: “Not sure what exactly I’m going to do yet upon graduating; however, I can really see myself working in New York. This summer, I will be working for my uncle at Advantage Moving Systems in


In addition to 艾哈迈德 而且 库珀, this year’s EMF-travelers included 埃文·库克, 杰克Funderburg, 玛雅Garbett, 凯特林Gilson, 阿拉娜古斯曼, 特纳约翰逊, 雪佛兰凯利, 艾米丽·麦金利, 萨曼莎·温克勒. 学生们与 梅根·埃利斯05, administrative director of The Woltemade Center, 马特Vollrath也指出, assistant professor of business administration.

* Ohio Wesleyan alumni meeting with the 2021 EMF students during their New York trip included:

  • 马丁·克拉克的14, business development associate for Nielsen
  • 杰森Dopoulos 03, senior managing director of Lancaster Pollard in Columbus, Ohio, Newport Beach, California
  • Andres Duarte 65, managing director of Venezuela-based Duarte Vivas & Associates C.A.
  • 黛布拉力75她是黛布拉·福斯美术公司的总裁
  • 莎拉·克莱门·加伯,01年的, vice president, corporate human recourses, for Hudson’s Bay Company
  • 丹·格拉泽82他是Marsh的总裁兼首席执行官 & McLennan & 公司
  • 汤姆76年古德曼, president 而且 CEO of Goodman 媒体
  • 安德鲁·哈特80年, executive director of 摩根 Stanley
  • 莎拉Hartzheim的14, practice area recruiting coordinator for the Boston Consulting Group
  • 基督教无法无天的99, managing partner at Conversion Capital
  • 金正日刘易斯15, associate jewelry designer for Kate Spade & 阿德灵顿设计集团
  • 比尔(merrill Lynch) 84, global investment specialist for UBS
  • 杰西卡·米努奇的11, senior account specialist, customer success team, for Olo
  • 克里斯·迈尔斯08年, associate director of recruiting for Soni Resources Group
  • 乔纳森高贵06年, corporate banking portfolio management for Credit Suisse
  • 马克西姆Razmakhin的10, co-founder of Thirstie 而且 general partner at Tailfin Ventures
  • 易卜拉欣赛义德的15, associate product manager, digital payments, for JP摩根 Chase & Co.
  • 瑞秋Seibel的10, manager, business development, for the National Basketball Association
  • Yashika Shah的10,全球网络副总裁 & 对J.P. 摩根
  • Moomal谢赫的13, client development manager for Moat
  • 奥斯汀的葡萄树的14, restructuring analyst for Carl Marks Advisors