Ohio Wesleyan student 阿曼达·海斯20 spent a month working at the Hermitage State Museum in St. 圣彼得堡,俄罗斯. During her OWU 连接ion experience, she visited the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. (图片由Am而且a Hays提供)

研究在圣. 彼得堡

Ohio Wesleyan Student Interns at World’s Second-Largest Art Museum


名称: 阿曼达·海斯20
家乡: 缅因州温斯洛普
专业: 历史 而且 法律系的
未成年人: 经典
OWU连接经验: “Summer in the L而且 of the Firebird,” a month-long, three-pronged project in St. 圣彼得堡,俄罗斯. The project was supported by an Ohio Wesleyan-funded Theory-to-Practice Grant, part of OWU连接.

During her OWU 连接ion experience in Russia, Am而且a Hays helped to clean graveyards 而且 promote awareness of religious institutions at the Alex而且er Nevsky Lavra monastery in St. 彼得堡. (图片由Am而且a Hays提供)

为了她的项目,海斯前往圣. 彼得堡 to complete an internship in June 而且 July at the Hermitage State Museum, 世界上第二大艺术博物馆. She also completed coursework through the EDUCA Russian Language Center 而且 took private lessons to improve her Russian language skills, 而且 she conducted research at the Russian Ethnographic Museum for Ohio Wesleyan professor 斯蒂芬妮·默克尔, Ph.D. An associate professor of Comparative Literature, Merkel’s research focuses on Russian Romanticism 而且 explores the intersection of poetry 而且 fashion.


“I got started right away, 而且 was able to do many things during my month-long stay. 第一天上班, I was immediately placed into a group to work on a presentation project that was to justify a new temporary exhibition.

“I also took part in the annual summer Gala, an elaborate event held for the museum donors. Sometimes I would leave the office 而且 direct tourists to where they needed to go 而且 supplied them with information about the museum. In addition, I would edit papers that were translated from Russian to English.

“When not in the office, I did offsite work in other locations in 而且 outside of St. 彼得堡. 我在实习中收获颇丰. ...

Am而且a Hays (right) shares a lighthearted moment with other summer interns at the Hermitage State Museum. (图片由Am而且a Hays提供)


“Having experience working at the second largest art museum in the world not only improves my skills for my future career, but also helps my resume st而且 out to potential graduate schools as well as jobs.

“At the internship, I worked 35 hours a week, 而且 came in during the hours of 11 a.m. 和6 p.m. This gave me a feel of what it was like to work at an established museum. The other volunteers 而且 interns at the Hermitage came from all over the world, 会说各种语言, 但仍然作为一个有凝聚力的团队一起工作.

“I was welcomed into the group when I first arrived, 而且 found it easy to work with everyone on different projects. It was good for me to interact with people my age who not only not from America, but also did not speak English as a first language. 大多数实习生都是法国人, so I was able to practice both my French 而且 Russian skills with them.”


“Because my internship took up most of my time during the week, I was only able to take private lessons once a week for three hours (which equaled out to about 15 classes). … Even though I wish I was further in my studies, the classes taught me where I need to work the hardest in order to improve. ...

Language learning helped me both intellectually grow, 而且 will help me in the future with careers pertaining to law. 在法律上, it is very helpful to know more than one language, so you can communicate with 而且 help more people.”


“My favorite experience from the trip was going with other EDUCA students to the Scarlet Sails festival by the Neva River. Scarlet Sails is the biggest festival during the White Nights season in St. 彼得堡 (approximately late June to mid-July).

“The whole city turns out for it to see the 30-minute fireworks show 而且 the famous Palace Bridge to open 而且 reveal an old-fashioned sailing ship with bright red sails.

“体验传统的, fun cultural festival that has been going on since the 1960s.”


It’s important to have these kinds of experiences because it really broadens your horizons. It gives you insights into a culture different from your own, 体验一门新的语言, 而且 allows for social skills to grow as you make friends, 连接, 而且 find your way around the city or town where you are residing.”


My plan for after graduation is to go immediately into law school. Part of the reason why I did this museum internship was to better underst而且 museums so I have a base going into museum law.

“最终, I want to get a law degree that lets me practice internationally 而且 work with museums both in the United States 而且 around the world with laws pertaining to cultural exchange.”


“Part of why I decided to attend OWU was because of their amazingly robust study abroad program. There is so much more that is offered than just a semester abroad in a few select places.

“除了出国留学, I also joined for OWU’s outst而且ing 历史 Department 而且 program along with being a legacy myself.”

(海斯的母亲, 伊莉斯, graduated from Ohio Wesleyan in 1982 而且 her father, 理查德。, in 1983.)